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About Me


Hello!!! Welcome to Ordinary World Photography where the ordinary becomes Extraordinary.  Let me introduce myself, I am Sandy Oliver, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend and the list goes on and on.

I created Ordinary World Photography out of a calling to photograph God’s gorgeous creations and show the world through God’s lens the beauty we often miss.  We miss it because we are so caught up in our own world, phones, computers, jobs, relationships and so forth. We also miss it when we are depressed, anxious, lonely, and suffer from mental health issues.

Photography actually brought me out of a deep depression and I was able to see the beauty of the world and not focus so much on what I thought was wrong with my life when I should have been asking myself, “What’s good about my life”?

So often we become wrapped up in what’s going on all around the world and in our own lives that we stay stuck; stuck emotionally, mentally, maturity, and spiritually.  When this happens we become bogged down by what if’s and if only and I should have, all of the things we have absolutely no control over.

We do however have a choice in how we control our own thoughts, actions, deeds, beliefs, reactions, happiness, and success.  I have learned that happiness is a choice, one which I have made and will remain happy until I meet my Heavenly Father. I choose to take negative thoughts and make them positive.  I choose to forget and forgive the past and those of whom I believed wronged me in some kind of way and by doing so I was struck by the changes that are taking place in my life.

I know that you will enjoy these images and many more to come, again welcome!

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